Everyone in the team has the entrepreneurial spark: creativity, optimism, bravery, energy and resilience.

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  • of the team founded a start-up or worked at one

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  • Founders Intelligence delivered well in excess of our expectations. The quality of the programme and output were far, far ahead of what they would’ve been had FI not been involved.

    Unilever Ventures

Driven by impact.

Our motivation is to maximise the positive impact we have on our clients, our team mates, our society and the founder community.

Authentically curious.

We're driven to learn more, work things out for ourselves and keep ahead of the market.

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  • of our tertiary studies spanned multiple disciplines

  • have lived in 2 or more countries

  • regularly read 6+ tech / innovation newsletters

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  • Founders Intelligence has far exceeded even my high expectations; their work has been remarkably enlightening and inspirational.

    CEO, Fannie Mae

Rigorous in uncertainty.

We cut through the jargon and hype of the technology industry, providing advice that is evidence-based and opinions that are well tested.

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  • Founders Intelligence became full members of the team and we operated as an 8 person start-up.


In it together.

Our impact is multiplied by bringing out the best in each other. Life is short so we enjoy our time together.

Work with us

We actively seek bright, creative, multi-disciplinary people who care about taking a structured approach to distinguish signal from noise and find practical solutions where answers are not obvious


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