We’re fresh out of a socially-distanced iteration of Founders Forum and London Tech Week and we're full of beans!

One of the main themes from our Founders Forum was ‘The Great Reset’, something we’ve also been thinking about a lot here at Founders Intelligence. With that in mind, we’ve hit the reset button on our newsletter: our new-look layout is your monthly dose of tips and tricks to drive innovation and entrepreneurial growth forwards in your organisation, all in tasty bite-size pieces.

So whether you’re at the helm of your organisation, or if you're leading strategy, innovation or a BU, the latest insights from our team, our start up network and the Founders Family will help you capture the opportunity that you know is out there.

This Way Up:

Visionary ideas to fuel your ambitions

Getting brilliant people with different perspectives to come together and think about tough problems is how new ideas happen. You know it, we know it. And that’s the basis of Founders Forum.

We were thrilled to bring it back this year with a live, socially-distanced iteration in June and to get leaders like Eric Schmidt (Google), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) and Tim Berners-Lee (World Wide Web Foundation) along to discuss them - and we're equally excited to publish the resulting insights on little things like:

  • The Great Reset: Industries Transformed & Re-imagine
  • A Sustainable Future: Can Technology Save Us
  • The Silver Lining? The Future Of Healthcare
  • Art, Culture & Society: A $69m Free-for-All?

But what do these insights mean for you, as Founders, Corporates and Investors - and how can you act on them?

Get the answers in the Founders Forum Executive Summary 2021.

Zooming In:

Getting off the ground

We talk to lots of people about how to scale innovation across their business - and it’s hard. But what’s unforgivable is that the thing that often sounds the death knell should be manageable: corporate politics.

This recent piece by Rob Haines, Partner at Founders Intelligence, outlines how you can navigate the politics and implement the structures for successful innovation in your organisation.

We might be biased, but if you want to get things moving this should be next on your reading list.

In The Know:

What’s fresh and what can I do next?

Need for Speed – German quick commerce startup Flink raised another $240m to compete with the other heavily funded 10-min grocery ventures that exploded everywhere during the pandemic. The difference? Flink won grocery giant Rewe as a strategic investor and exclusive supplier, a smart move to bring COGS down. Competitors Getir and Gorillas also just raised massive rounds and are going after the US market. Meanwhile, Delivery Hero, who left its home turf Berlin a few years back, is relaunching in Germany and is hoping to compete by using cloud-kitchens and a rapid grocery delivery concept.

So what? As competition in grocery delivery intensifies, a strategic partnership with a large grocery chain can be the ‘unfair advantage’ Flink needs to stand out and make those unit economics work. Rewe’s minority investment might also be a first step towards acquisition. In any case, Rewe has done a few things right by 1) reacting quickly to an emerging market, 2) forming a strategic partnership leveraging their assets and 3) going in big vs going home. Expect to see more big corporates like Rewe and Delivery Hero going after this growing market, and a lot of consolidation sooner rather than later - after all, it’s all about speed.

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